1What are MSD panels Dress your wall ?

MSD Panels Dress your wall are a high quality solution for coating walls and ceilings. The panels are made of polyester resin and fibreglass, and have a wide range of shapes and designs.

Each panel perfectly reproduces the appearance, colour and texture of the genuine materials they are inspired by. MSD Panels Dress your wall are created to emulate the perfect environment with a durable finish and an extremely easy installation.
2Which models are available ?
MSD Panels Dress your wall offer a wide variety of finishes in stone, brick, wood and concrete. Our catalogue has more than 120 references that we are constantly increasing in new finishes and colourings.
3Where can MSD decorative panels be installed ?
MSD panels are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces and their installation does not need a technical project.
4What is the cost of the panels ?

MSD panels are sold in individual units and their price varies depending on the model. Contact us for help and we will budget your project without commitment.

5Where can I buy MSD Panels ?
You can get MSD Dress your wall panels among our wide net of distributors. Look for your nearest distributor in our map.

Technical characteristics

1What is the size of the panels?
The standard measurement of MSD panels is 1.3 metres high and 3.3 metres long, although there are slight variations depending on the model. Some of our models have a special measurement of 1.3 metres high and 2.3 metres long. These measurements allow you to cover big surfaces without any effort.
2What is the weight of the panels?
MSD Dress your wall panels are made of polyester resin and fibreglass, so they are light and easy to handle. The average weight of a panel depends on the model of the panel and goes from 6 to 8 kg/m².
3What’s the thickness of MSD panels?
The average thickness per panel goes from 1 cm to 3.5 cm (it varies depending on the finish). The design is so thin that you can get the desired appearance without loosing space.
4What is the durability of the panels?

MSD Dress your wall panels are made of solid and durable materials. This means, MSD panels are impermeable and unalterable to erosion and UV rays. On top of that, their production and design is certified by the quality standard ISO 9001.

Even better, MSD Panels have a ten-year guarantee.
5Are MSD Panels flexible?
MSD Panels Dress your wall combine resistance and flexibility, allowing you to cover curved surfaces such as vaults, domes, columns, etc.
6Are they fire-resistant?
All MSD Dress your wall panels are available in two categories , which are M3 and B-s2,d0. M3 panels (medium fire resistance) are our production standard. If you need a special protection, you can ask for B-s2,d0 panels.

Installation, finishes and maintenance

1How are the panels installed?
MSD Panels can be installed in any firm surface. They are light and flexible, so the installation is quick and easy. MSD panels are bolted directly to the surface. A mixture of mastic and paint all help you to sell and finish the joints.
2How accurate are the colourings?
Colourings are realistic, accurate and simulate the genuine hues. However, the colours can slightly differ if you see them in our webpage. You can have a more accurate look in our product samples, installation examples and promotional materials.
3Does the colour of the panels vary with the pass of the time?
The colour of the panels is created by using a combination of natural pigments printed inside the material. Both, the material and the pigments, are combined in order to create a durable colouring.
4Can MSD panels be reused?
Depending on the circumstances MSD Panels can be reused. If they have been previously installed in an independent structure (a wall), they can be reused. In other words, the product life cycle increases and protects the environment at the same time.
5If the panel suffers any damage, can it be repaired?
MSD Dress your wall panels are extremely resistant. In case of any damage, they can be easily repaired with mastic and paint.
6Can the panels be painted?
You can always paint and customise the panels to create a new atmosphere.
7Do the panels need any maintenance?
MSD Dress your wall panels do not need any maintenance. When cleaning them, use a cloth or a brush covered in soap. Avoid solvents and corrosive products.